Chris Neels

Chris Neels’ work spans informatics, design, business, and the humanities. His current research at University College London’s Department of Science and Technology Studies investigates the influence of artificial intelligence and cyber-physical systems on societies around the globe, and considers how strategy and design methods can facilitate responsible, farsighted innovation.

Outside of academia, Chris has an extensive background in strategic innovation and foresight consulting, data analytics, and programme management. In his most recent role at the innovation consultancy Idea Couture (acquired by Cognizant), he led human-centred design projects helping global companies—such as FedEx, Ford, JM Smucker, TD Bank, Vale, Telus, and Petro-Canada—design future products and services. Prior to this, Chris was a Consultant in Deloitte’s Technology Strategy division where his work spanned technology strategy, advanced analytics, M&A, and digital transformations.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from the University of British Columbia and is an MSc candidate in Science, Technology, and Society at University College London.


  • The Natural Roots of Artificial Intelligence, Towards Data Science
  • The Importance of Incentives in the Development of Autonomous Vehicles, Predict
  • Perpetual Accommodation: A History of Technology-Driven Change, MISC Magazine
  • The Machine and Me: On being connected, and the device you wake up to look at, The Six Hundred
  • More than Profitability: Understanding Startup Excellence, MISC Magazine
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